Leadership Strategies & Facilitation

Like a good map, a good strategy will outline where your business is currently placed and how to reach it’s True North.

Together with your team, we will

  • Reinforce or create a compelling mission, vision and values
  • Identify and define the goals that will have the most positive impact on your business
  • Develop a clear and transparent implementation plan
  • Define a structured process to drive accountability

Facilitation Services that stretch your thinking.

Nothing excites us more than being able to inspire and provoke your creative thinking and watch ideas explode that will transform your business. We have helped clients

  • Streamline their customer experiences
  • Refine their systems and processes
  • Create business development strategies and action plans
  • Identify new revenue streams
  • Get clear on their value proposition

Strategic Implementation & Coaching

We know that you can’t afford to leave growth to chance!

Daily business demands can often deviate the most focused teams from their most important goals!   People get busy and all the good intent to fulfill their strategic plans gets thrown out the window!

We won’t let that happen!

At Luminus League, we will work with you systematically to fulfill your vision.  Together, with your team, we will create a clear and transparent implementation plan that outlines team roles, responsibilities, timings and resources, ensuring that everyone is aligned, on board and ready to go!

We then create simple accountability processes (structured team meetings or coaching programs) that ensure your teams stay committed, on track and accountable to achieving their goals.

Achieving strategic goals becomes a part of their role and “not a nice to do” when the team have free time from their day to day responsibilities!


Discover your authentic self to uncover your true leadership style.

Understand where your strength and your gaps are, and create opportunities to build your capability.

Create goals that allow you to really excel in your leadership capacity, with focused guidance and accountability.

We work with the members of your business who are in leadership positions, to Discover their potential, Build their capacity, and then create the confidence for them to Soar in their roles.

Your carefully thought out business goals and strategy is all well and good, but if your Leaders aren’t with you on the journey, you won’t be getting very far!

We work with your leadership team in not only setting smart strategic goals and identifying skill set gaps, but actually in implementing training opportunities, and goal accountability, and walking the path with them every step of the way.

Delivered by Expert Leadership Coach, Anna Ramondetta

Luminus League Director, Anna Ramondetta is passionate about inspiring business leaders and their teams to apply creative thinking to solve everyday business problems so they can grow.

Her combined creative facilitation and coaching skills and never-ending desire to question, challenge and unleash people’s creativity is what makes her and the solutions she inspires unique.  Anna then helps teams prioritise and focus on turning their most important ideas into actions and tangible business results.

Download Luminus League FREE Webinar Series, covering Leadership and Team Development Strategies and frameworks presented by our Leadership Coach, Anna Ramondetta.

Our Previous Clients

“We’re a much bigger team now then we were 2 years ago! More people, more communication needed! All we needed was LL to come in and help us identify and put a plan together to closing our communication gaps. We’re now aligned and collaborating towards a common purpose. I’m happy to say we’re on track to hitting our goals”

Damian Scodella, Director, Square Penny

Our Previous Clients
“We are a busy franchise group who were looking  for a fresh approach for our sales team, Anna Ramondetta shifted our entire franchisee selling approach and how we ran our Executive Team. I simply cannot recommend Anna enough to any company looking to further their sales. We will be booking Anna again to speak with our franchise group when we next meet.”

– Martin & Janie Rose, Blue Wheeler Franchisors

Our Previous Clients
“Collaborating with Luminus League on an in-house staff feedback session has seen a positive cultural shift that sees us exercising open communication and having a clearer understanding of roles. Our marketing and staff engagement strategy are also greatly improved. We have, and will continue to recommend Anna Ramondetta from Luminus League to our networks and associates.”

– Director, Figurehead

Our Previous Clients

“We believe that the great results Cannings achieved was due to the time Anna spent understanding the business and building strong relationships with our team. Through Anna’s facilitation, we defined a strong customer service framework,   productive meetings, streamlined our HR processes and defined our core  mission and business values – these are just some of the outcomes we’ve achieved through our ongoing collaboration with Luminus League.”

– Sam Canning – Director, Cannings Free Range Butchers

Our Previous Clients

“Anna is an energetic and engaging presenter and facilitator. She challenged all participants to think creatively and we achieved a great outcome as a result.

– Mandy Sisson, Head of Training AXA Australia

Our Previous Clients

“The ongoing coaching and training that Luminus Group delivers has been essential in growing our team’s ability to manage and run our business more efficiently.  We continue to use their taught disciplines daily and it has definitely been one of the best investments we have made.”

– Darren Paone – GM – Sales and Marketing, Crown Posture Bedding

Bespoke Tailored Solutions, because every business is Unique.

All our programs are bespoke, tailored solutions that are just right for your company. We immerse ourselves in your business to truly understand what it is that you need to thrive, and then design a solution based on those findings.

Get in touch today to talk about how we can work together to help your company soar.

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