Put your plan into action!

Often the plan is communicated but daily business demands can deviate the intent, your strategic plan never sees the light of day and you are back to square one!

We are passionate about bringing your bright business ideas to life and not letting them fall by the wayside. We help leaders identify and overcome roadblocks to successful implementation, and then help create aligned, purpose driven and accountable teams who collectively pull together to successfully achieve tangible business outcomes.    

Let’s bring your ideas to life!

Strategy Implementation Sessions

Our Luminus League facilitator will know your business plan inside out and will work with every level of your organisation to make it happen. By devising a simple plan to help your team to recognise the connection between the strategy and their day to day activities and drive ongoing focus and accountability.

We do this by:

  • Involving your team in regular strategy implementation sessions to drive buy in and accountability. Understanding the role that they play is integral to success.
  • Ensuring goals are defined into specific measures that drive progress
  • Promoting a culture of accountability and transparency in the form of scoreboards


Strategic Project Management

As our working relationship with our clients progresses, we become ingrained in their business.

We have worked alongside clients to help them manage specific business projects. We can execute re-branding, marketing, system design and employee onboarding and engagement programs. We never shy away from rolling up our sleeves to help our clients meet their goals.



Facilitating Results Driven Meetings

Do you often feel like your meetings are going nowhere? At Luminus League, we apply an easy to follow meeting structure that will enable you to lead results driven discussions. We will equip you with the skills to plan and lead your meetings with more confidence. Whatever the discussion, we will take you through a specially tailored process that will end unproductive meetings and maximise your outcomes. Your meetings will have defined goals and well-planned agendas that will fulfil the desired meeting outcomes.


Get in touch. Let’s turn your ideas into tangible business results!