Unlock your people’s

potential to shine

Luminus League is a people-centric business that are fanatical about activating every individual’s potential within an organisation. We believe in building your business from the inside out, starting with helping leaders apply their best self to fulfilling your purpose and bringing out the best in your team.

We create luminus leaders and leagues!  We do this by helping business leaders create a workplace culture that makes people want to come to work every day, do their very best and thrive into a league of their own! We not only consult on the most effective ways to bring out the best in your team but we also deliver tailored and unique coaching and training programs, resources and tools for your teams to effectively deliver on strategy.


Leadership Coaching Programs

At Luminus League, we aim to ‘illuminate’ new leaders with the tools, skills and knowledge to effectively invest in their people and lead their organisation or department with confidence.

Our up and coming leaders need to prioritise relationships of trust and create collaborative team environments if they are to achieve organisational growth. Now, more than ever, these are the skills leaders need to attend to, invest in and build on.

Our emerging leaders programs are always customised and cover topics including but not limited to:

  • Developing self-awareness and how this affects leadership
  • Building empathy and trust
  • Power of positive communication
  • Creating thriving workplace cultures
  • Effective, results focused meetings and other communication structures
  • Solution Focused Coaching models to bring out the best in their people etc

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Individual and Group Coaching

We work with individuals and teams to help them to find solutions and take ownership of their actions and make well thought out decisions that generate extraordinary outcomes in their work and personal life.

Our insightful coaching sessions are specifically designed to:

  • See participants held accountable and responsible for achieving their goals
  • Inspire action and results
  • Celebrate individual accomplishments
  • Turn challenges into opportunities
  • Upskill and empower


Tailored Training

We work alongside you to truly understand your people’s needs and equip them with the right skills, knowledge and resources to help them reach their individual potential to help achieve your organisational purpose.

We apply a variety of accelerated and blended learning tools and techniques that enable your people to quickly grasp and adapt their key learnings and inject them into your organisation. Integral are the individual action plans that assist them in applying their newfound knowledge to their roles and to stay committed to achieving their goals.

We tailor all our content to ensure we maximise relevance and training outcomes.

Some of our training programs include:

  • Luminus Leadership
  • Positive Communication, Positive Results
  • Planning for Success
  • Solution Focused Coaching
  • Exceeding Client Expectations
  • Facilitating Results Driven Meetings
  • Powerful Presentations
  • Building Rock Solid Client Relationships
  • Maximise Time, Maximise Results


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