Alumni XX

Alumni XX

Building better, brighter, female led businesses

Are you immersed in the daily grind of running a business and not finding time to work on your business?

Are you feeling stuck, second guessing yourself or just need a sounding board for bouncing business ideas? Do you need guidance and focus to turn your goals into reality? Looking for a group of like minded business women to connect and grow with?

Welcome to Alumni XX

Alumni XX provides a safe haven for female business owners and leaders to share and learn from each other’s entrepreneurial journeys, generate ideas and spearhead their business growth. During our facilitated sessions, we set goals, swap business challenges and help each other find solutions and pathways to reaching our goals.

We create an environment that nurtures creativity and curiosity and champions you to do things differently and turn your plans into actions! Alumni XX is like having your very own “cheer squad” to help you stay on track to achieving your goals.

Most importantly, it’s a place where you can make meaningful connections with creative, intelligent and inspiring women who are united in their purpose to create better, brighter versions of themselves, their business and their impact in the world.

Alumni XX forums are structured and facilitated by accredited coach Anna Ramondetta and cover the following:

  • Key business principles for building exemplary businesses
  • Problem solving your most pressing business challenges
  • Setting a clear future direction and plan for realising your goals
  • Driving accountability through action
  • Networking and learning from other female business owners and leaders

Event Details

Build a Better, Brighter Business in 2021
Virtual Planning Sesssion
21 January 2021
10.00am -11.15m
Free Online Event

Are you ready to surround yourself with like minded women who want to learn and grow and keep you accountable for realising your goals?

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