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Our Story

Founded in 2013 by Anna Ramondetta, Luminus League helps businesses from start-ups, entrepreneurs, franchises and SME’s accelerate their organisational growth through the creation of strategies, actions and building leadership and team capabilities. We don’t restrict ourselves by industry or sector. We have worked home and abroad and have amassed wonderful learnings that can be applied across various industries.

At the heart of every business is the people – we are great at building rapport, trust and immersing ourselves in your business. We excel at getting everything out of your head, getting you to re-think and re-organise and then focus on the priorities that will transform your business and the way you do things.

Our tailored strategic planning and facilitation and building people capability programs are all about real partnerships and a focused determination to see our clients realise their business goals.

With a trusted network of talented strategic facilitators and coaches, Anna and the team at Luminus League design and deliver original programs that specifically target individual client briefs.

Luminus League helps leaders and teams shine so they can be their best.

About Anna

Luminus League Director, Anna Ramondetta is passionate about empowering leaders and teams to work better together.

Whilst having come from a corporate background, Anna is greatly entrenched in family business and has been a small business owner for over 10 years. This experience makes her empathetic to the challenges and issues businesses face on a daily basis.

Anna’s background and professional experience is impressive. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Economics and holds training and coaching qualifications. Her corporate experience spans over 15 years. As a marketing professional in Australia and London, she has worked with various brands including Nestle, Dulux, Masterfoods and Mercedes Benz.

A firm believer in creating workplace cultures that bring out the best in people, Anna strives to help employers create positive environments for their people to thrive. She has an intrinsic interest in women getting ahead in business and believes they are natural people managers and should be given the opportunity to prove that.

Anyone who knows Anna, is familiar with her natural warmth and exuberance. Her genuine approach and her willingness to listen helps bring out the best in her clients.

‘I love interacting with people and my motivation for what I do comes out of wanting to bring out the best in people and see them reach their goals- Anna.

Our Approach

At Luminus League, we take a collaborative approach to developing and executing strategy.

We believe that business leaders and their teams need to be in sync when it comes to delivering a growth strategy that will succeed. We work towards strengthening leaders and their teams, aligning them with their strategy and encouraging accountability to deliver results.. We are dedicated to our client’s success and will go over and above to ensure they meet their goals.


Our Mission

To help business leaders lead with confidence and empower teams to flourish at work.


Our Vision

To transform all businesses into better, brighter versions focussed on accelerating growth and realising their vision

At Luminus,

we live by the following values:


Change can be daunting but liberating. Dare to think differently and stand out from the crowd.


We are all working towards the same goal – SUCCESS. We act on our words, your success is our success.

Continuous Improvement

By acknowledging we can always be better, we work towards being the best we can be. Training, coaching and learning new things all contributes to finding our best self.


We deliver relevant and meaningful solutions. Everything we do has a purpose and works towards inspiring teams and improving businesses.

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